''The Lure' Is a Gorgeous Documentary About a Search for Literal Buried Treasure

We talked to the director of 'The Lure,' which follows an eccentric old millionaire and the treasure hunters looking for his buried loot in the Rocky Mountains...'



'You can’t take it with you. It’s a saying we’ve all heard that leads some to donate charitably, others to invest in real estate, and more to siphon offshore for tax-free inheritances. For Forrest Fenn—an eccentric Air Force veteran and history buff that amassed his fortune selling artifacts and fine art in his gallery—it meant assuring his legacy...'



'Big Sky Film Fest: In 'The Lure,' the thrill is in the chase for treasure hunters

The tone is established quickly, with gorgeous, slowly panning shots of uninterrupted wilderness accompanied by voice-overs of Fenn, a well-read man prone to musings like "imagination is more important than knowledge." He remains a mostly peripheral presence in the film: Leach instead joins a series of treasure hunters on their quixotic search for a treasure hidden somewhere in a mountain range that spans the entire country, from Montana to New Mexico...'


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'THE LURE is his engrossing doc about the treasure hidden in the American Southwest by Forrest Fenn, and a sampling of the people who have devoted their lives to finding it. The film is as visually rich as its characters are surprising, complex, and never quite what we expect them to be as we learn their compelling back stories, and meet the enigmatic Mr. Fenn himself, who smiled like the Cheshire Cat. Leach’s previous work includes DELAY and IN NO GREAT HURRY.'


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'The Lure is overlong and could do with some tightening up, but there's plenty to enjoy about it. Not only is the subject matter fascinating, there are lots of great personal stories here told by interesting people, presenting a side of America we don't often see onscreen. The Rocky Mountain scenery is endlessly beautiful. It will be surprising if this documentary doesn't inspire some viewers to go looking for the treasure themselves.'


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'DOC NYC ’16 Interview: Tomas Leach on Finding Treasure with “The Lure”

Whether it’s an El Paso police officer whose injury on the job forced her to quit, breaking the tradition of her family serving in law enforcement, or a former corporate employee who seeks solace in the natural world by living off the land, the film eloquently illustrates the emotional and geographical terrain they all must overcome to find peace...'



Tomas Leach, Filmmaker of The Lure, About Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Hunt

The Richard Eeds Show - May 18, 2017